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  "I have finished one wall and had to write this.  First my life situation is I am a male widower living alone and a senior citizen.  In all the homes I had owned I always did the handyman work myself.  Loved doing crown molding but at my age
lifting heavy wood over my head is no longer an option so I tried your product.
After completing just one wall all my skepticism is gone. The product for me is just amazing.  Thought my doing crown molding days were gone but now I can do it and with results better than ever.  My daughter now wants me to do it in her house.
Joseph A  Staten Island, NY is truly the most SIMPLE way to add crown molding. Add Pre Cut mitered corners and make your installation Easy and Simple for even the most novice DIY'er. Your satisfaction is our goal and 8 out of 10 customers re-order for additional rooms.




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 No hammers, nails, or screws are needed. No compound miter cutting and complete a room in about an hour.



Simple Crown Foam Crown Molding is the easy crown molding solution that installs in about an hour.  All our moldings are Foam Crown Moldings made in the USA with German engineered SkinTec surface that makes our moldings even better and smoother than MDF moldings or even PU moldings.  With our pre-cut corners and customer service we  take all the complication out of the crown molding installation.  This enables you to come up with any and all crown molding ideas, sky is the limit!  All you have to do is run 2 beads of Dap Alex Plus Caulking along the back side of the foam crown molding and push it into place where the ceiling and the wall meet.  You don't have to stand there and hold it.  Once you push the crown molding into place it is there for good.  We can also play requests!  If you have odd corners, or need end-caps, or have vaulted ceilings, or would  like us to just go ahead and precut the entire order for you, we can accomodate any crown molding request.  We are here to make your crown molding installation a breeze.

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All of our crown molding is made in Germany.
Call us: 760-804-3949